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We are always striving to make our services and accountability to our community better. We understand that sometimes we don't live up to our expectations and need time to reflect and correct our approach. 

Please read our complaint process before submission!

A few notes on filing a formal complaint:

- We do accept anonymous complaints by leaving your contact information blank. *Please note that if you file an anonymous complaint we may not be able to take formal action to correct any issues stipulated therein*

- You can expedite your complaint if it falls within the following guideline: Expedited complaints are for issues that require immediate and decisive authority, and are TIME SENSITIVE. Expedited complaints must also represent severe legal, health or safety risk.

- All complaints will be shared with the Department of Justice Court Monitor for allegations of discrimination.

- Complaints may be referred to law enforcement if there's indication of clear criminal activity. Complainants are encouraged to contact law enforcement if they suspect laws have been broken. 

- Please be as descriptive as possible, if there is more information or attachments needed please send them via email to our director at


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