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The Department completed the gas line extension south on Central to reach Bee’s Marketplace.

Additionally, the crew has been working on supporting projects along SR-59, and on Mohave Ave. Locating fiber systems for Hildale City was also a priority this month.

Safety Council and Culture

The Department and Public Works submitted their Interdepartmental Gas Operations Policy and is awaiting the City Manager’s input and approval. The policy dictates the locating and emergency preparations when operating on or near gas transmission or distribution lines across departments. A copy is provided for your reference.

We pushed off this month’s meeting due to scheduling conflicts within the Department due to the Rural Water Conference.

Hildale City Future Impact Fee Waivers

Hildale City has agreed to waive future impact fees for South Zion Estates 24 Lot project on North Jessop Ave for 15 years. This waiver agreement will currently be covered by Hildale City’s General Fund and as of this moment, will not impact the Department’s Enterprise Funds. Further discussion at Hildale City Council is ongoing. The Department may be asked to provide further information to support discussions of impact fee waivers and any future policies. See Colorado City’s position on Hildale City’s impact fee’s decision for their official input.

Upon updating of our current Water Master Plan and adoption of a Radium Remediation Program, the Department will be able to provide a clearer picture of impact fees and potential waivers. More discussion is forthcoming in the months ahead.

Compliance and Regulatory

The Utah State Water Law, which is being implemented by the Division of Water Rights has caused some complications in reporting. The State is requiring Peak Day usage for the years 2016 through 2019 which requires daily metering during your peak months. The Department did not take data for 2016 to 2018, which has incurred some deficiency ISPS Points for administrative issues. To remove these points, the Division of Water Rights has indicated that they would be willing to accept the Water Master Plan’s historical data for years 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Our plan for 2020 will be daily system flow data collection from the Water Plant the Canyon Wells.